How to turn on and off the lights

How to turn on and off the lights

When the Lü app is launched, the lights will turn on automatically. As you enter an app, the lights will adjust and change color based on the selected game.
When you're finished using Lü, you can either manually turn off the lights or leave the Lü app open for 30 minutes, after which the lights will turn off automatically.

To manually turn Lü lights on and off, you can select the bulb icon located on the left side panel.


You can also press the F1 key on your remote control keyboard.                                     


To disable the lights, go in the Lü settings and change the light intensity to the desired level.

It's not possible to change the default color of the light on the homepage but you can temporarily change their color with the Lümi app.

Please contact Lü support for any additional questions by email at or by phone at 1-855-781-0797

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