How to calibrate the camera

How to calibrate the camera

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You don't need to calibrate the camera every time you're using your Lü. 

Calibration should be performed when the detection of the ball on the wall is inaccurate or when there are false detections.

It's mostly when the camera itself is hit by a ball that you will need to proceed with a new calibration. Even if the camera move just a tiny bit, it can have a impact on the detection.

Follow these steps to calibrate:

Select the gear icon in the left panel.


Click on the button "Start" in the Calibration section.

Choose the calibration method that suits you best: Automatic or Manual. For the manual calibration, follow the instructions displayed on the screen.


When you calibrate the camera, you have to adjust the green rectangle to make it fit the projection screen. The green rectangle represents the detection zone. Adjust the screen as if you were looking through the camera.

If the calibration fails, try the other method.

After the calibration is complete, select Test mode. Throw a few balls at different places in the projection to test the detection accuracy.

Press “Esc”, then “OK” to return to the home page.

For more details on calibration, check out the “Learn to calibrate the camera” tutorial in the Help Center of the Lü system.



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