Düo connection not possible

Düo connection not possible

We recommend this article for IT members of schools or districts.
Restart your computers :
Click on the power icon in the bottom left of the Lü homepage and select "Resetart the system". This would reset the system and potentially resynchronise both units together.

Check your internet network :
The DÜO connection requires that the two computers are connected to the same network and must be able to ping each other. If you don't know what a ping is, we recommend contacting your IT department.

1. Press the "WIN" key on the keyboard to open the Windows taskbar.
2. Using the touchpad, move your cursor over the internet icon to connect the computer to the network. Ethernet is highly recommended but Wi-Fi will work if the network is stable and fast.
3. Restart both Lü software.

Network profile : Access your network's properties and make sure they are both on the same one. You can try both of them if necessary. Restart both Lü softwares after changing the setting.

If the problem persists, please make the IT department of the school/district contact us.

support@play-lu.com or Toll Free 1-855-781-0797

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