Creating a Lü account

Creating a Lü account

Welcome to Lü Community—a vibrant platform where connection and creativity thrive! By creating your Lü Community account, you gain access to a world of interactive experiences. Discover, share, and create content for various applications, and enjoy exclusive access to Lü+ apps. Join our community today and unlock a personalized journey of exploration and connection. Ready to get started? Sign up now and experience the magic of Lü Community firsthand!

To create your own account now:

2. Click on “Create an account”
3. Enter your personal information
4. Check your emails to confirm your account
5. Log into your account from to make sure your account works
6. When it's done, go back to your Lü and click on “Sign in”
7. Enter your email address and password
8. Click on “Stay logged" in if desired, then on “Continue” to complete the process

Once logged in, you will now have access to the Home, My Content and My Liked Content in the left panel. 
Note that if you choose to continue as a guest,  you do not have access to these tabs and the Lü+ aren't playable.
To learn more about the Lü-Community, click here.

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