HDMI IN EQ Level Procedure

HDMI IN EQ Level Procedure

1. On the projector remote (the small, white one), please press on "Menu" button.

2. Go into "Signal I/O" and select HDMI IN EQ Level

3. Select HDMI1 source

4. Select Medium
(Usually, Medium is the right setting but, depending on your system, Low or High setting could work better. Try them if Medium does not solve the issue. If none of them works better, please put the setting back to Medium.)

If the flickering problem persists, we can try the following settings on the projector :

- Menu > Image > Image Enhancement > Noise reduction

By default, it is set to 6. We can try to raise it or lower it and see if it helps reduce the flickering issue.

If the problem cannot be fixed with the projector settings, we will need to take a look at the hardware.

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