How to update drivers and BIOS for Dell computer

How to update drivers and BIOS for Dell computer

Regularly updating drivers and the BIOS helps ensure that your computer runs smoothly, remains secure, and takes full advantage of the latest hardware and software advancements. Here's how you can update them:

1. Identify your computer's model: 

      1. Press the "win" key to open the windows taskbar and type "system information''.
      2. You can find the computer's model beside "System Model".

2. Access Dell's website : 

      1. Open a web browser.
      2. Search for the model of your computer and add "drivers".
      3. Most of the time, the first option is the one we are lookinf for.

3. Download and install the available drivers and bios update:

      1. Check for updates.
      2. Download the available updates.
      3. Restart your computer.

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