Music, movies & videos with Lü

Music, movies & videos with Lü

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Music in a Lü application can't be changed. However, you can mute the sound of the Lü app from the settings and play the music from other medias such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, etc, in the background. 

1. Go to the Lü application’s settings and disable the music and/or the sound effects.

2. Then, open a web browser using the internet button on the keyboard.

3. Go to the website you want to use and start your playlist. We recommend using web-based streaming services like:

4. When your music start playing, press simultaneously "Alt" and "Tab" to switch from one window to another.

5. Don't forget to go back to the Lü settings to reactivate the sound effects and the music when you are done.
Streaming music platforms are often used by our users alongside our Lü platform. Pair it with the Lümi application to add music to the light options or with Chrono to change the music with the interval option. 
With Spotify, you can synchronize your cell phone and/or tablet to control Spotify on your device. This way, you can play the music through the Lu sound system and control the volume from your personal device.

Movies & videos 

Watching a movie using your Lü can be a real theater experience for the kids: the big screen, the good sound system, and the lights off. This can really make them feel like they are at the theater, except for the popcorn, but we leave that to you!

If you're looking to watch a movie, we recommend using an external web browser instead of the web browser from the Lü software. 

1. Using the keyboard, open a web browser using the internet button on the keyboard.

2. Access your streaming service platform

3. Press simultaneously "Alt" and "Tab" to switch from one window to another to go back to the Lü software

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