Troubleshoot for Lü Keyboard

Troubleshoot for Lü Keyboard

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1. Ensure Full Charge

First, ensure that the keyboard remote is fully charged before proceeding.

2. Check Power Status:

Verify that the keyboard remote is turned ON and that the blue light indicator is illuminated.

3. Flashing Blue Light:
If you observe a flashing blue light, it indicates that the keyboard's battery is low and needs recharging. When charging, the red light should turned off when the keyboard remote is fully charged.
If charging issues persist, attempt using another USB to USB cable of the same type.

4. Flashing Orange Light (Pairing Issue):
A flashing orange light means that the keyboard remote is no longer paired with its USB device.
To re-pair the keyboard remote, follow these steps:
      1. Turn off the remote.
      2. Press and hold the F1 key without releasing it.
      3. Turn on the remote, then immediately release the F1 key.
      4. Wait a few seconds for the keyboard to reconnect.
5. Further Troubleshooting (if needed):

If the issue persists, access the USB receiver of the keyboard remote, which is connected to Lü's computer. Follow the steps outlined in the appropriate troubleshooting guide.

Additional Tips for Projector Remote Control:
Battery Check: Ensure that the batteries in the projector remote controller are in good condition and replace them if necessary.

Optimal Usage Position: The projector remote control's sensor is located in front of the projector. For optimal reception, stand near the projection wall and aim the remote at the front of the projector. Refer to the provided illustration for the best positions for using the remote.

By following these steps, you can effectively troubleshoot issues with Lü's keyboard-remote.


If problems persist, feel free to contact technical support for further assistance.


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