How to use Reflector Teacher and Reflector 4

How to use Reflector Teacher and Reflector 4

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Reflector 4 is powerful screen mirroring and wireless media streaming software pre-install on all Gen 2 systems. 
With this application, you can share the screen of your phone, tablet, or computer on your big projection. In addition, it is also possible to project several devices at the same time.
You can find more details on the multiple features of Reflector by clicking on the link below.

How to use Reflector

1.  Press the "Win" button on your remote control to open the Windows taskbar.

2. Using the keyboard, type REFLECTOR and open the application.

Note: It is also possible that Reflector is already pinned in your taskbar. If so, you can click on the application.

3. Make sure this window is open and that your device is connected on the same network as the Lü computer.

4. Then,  access your screen-sharing settings from your device. This can vary from one device to another.



5. Log into your Lü. Eg: Lu0247. If necessary, write down the requested password. This password will be displayed on your Lü screen.

Note: Click on Remember this device so that Reflector doesn't ask you for a password the next time you cast the same device.

7. Finally, to view your device's screen, click Allow and show all. Screen sharing should then take place.

You can share several devices at the same time as long as they are all connected to the same internet network as the Lü computer.

Other devices

Android devices

If you have an Android phone and your device is on version 11, chances are you will need to download an app on your device. To learn more about this, see the following articles:

Windows computers

If you're using another PC, here's something that can help.



Screen mirroring does not work

Several reasons can cause this problem, here are some solutions.
  1. Check that your device (phone, tablet, computer, etc.) is on the same internet network as your Lü. Using the keyboard, click on the "Win" button and type WI-FI. Open the WI-FI settings and check if the internet network of your Lü is the same as your device. If not, change your device's internet network.
  1. Your device (cell phone, tablet, computer, etc.) cannot find your Lü even if the two devices are on the same internet network.  First, restart both devices. Second, there may be some protection on the network that prevents Reflector from working. Your IT department should be able to guide you to resolve this proble. They must connect the Lü computer to a secure network. Here is some additional information:
If the problem persists, you can also contact the Lü technical support team at 1-855-781-0797, or by email at 

Return to the Lü application

When using the Reflector application on your Lü, devices projected with Reflector are by default always displayed in the front of the screen. To be able to navigate between Reflector and your Lü application, here are the steps to follow:
  1.  Press the "Win" button on your remote control.
  2.  Type the word Reflector and open the application.
  3.  Click on Settings and choose Preferences.
  4.  Uncheck Always on top.
  5.  Using your Lü remote, hold down the "Alt" button at the bottom of your remote.
  6.  While still holding the "Alt" button, press the "Tab" button located to the left of your remote control.
  7.  Keep pressing the "Alt" button and use the "Tab" button to navigate between the different windows and return to your Lü application.
Please feel free to contact the Lü Technical Support team at 1-855-781-0797, ext. 2, or email 

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