What is the Lü Community?

What is the Lü Community?


Every day, passionate and creative teachers from all over the world motivate their students to learn. Lü wants to make this passion grow and connect these creators with each other. To do this, we are proud to introduce the Lü Community.

The Lü Community is a free and online peer community, allowing Lü teachers and users around the world to discover original content created by other enthusiastic users. Log into your profile and select Discover” to open your Lü experience to a large range of opportunities. Content sharing is entirely at the user’s discretion and it is possible to like and reproduce content created and shared by other community members. Finally, when you join our Lü Community, you’ll get access to our ultimate playbook.

Share your content online with the entire community so that other users can access it directly on their system. In doing so, take part in this extraordinary synergy that brings together educators, coaches and leaders from around the world to enable children to develop to their full potential.

Create your own content and customize existing content in order to use it directly on your various Lü applications. Collaborate with other departments to include cross-curricular components in your activities and access that content directly in the My Content section on your system.
To start creating your own content now, visit our website www.lu-community.com

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