Turn on and off your Lü

Turn on and off your Lü

To turn on your Lü : 

       Using the Epson remote controller, press ON to turn on the projector.


       Turn on the portable remote-keyboard.

       Turn off the gymnasium lights (optional).

       Wake up the application by pressing any key.

        Sign in with your account or continue as a guest. You can also create your account if you don't have                              one yet by selecting "sign up".

To turn Lü off when you're done using it :

       Turn off the lights of the Lü using the F1 key or the bulb icon.


       Turn off the portable keyboard.

       Press the STAND BY button on the Epson remote control remote to turn off the projector.


We highly recommend not to turn off the computer when you are done using it for the day. Always let the computer turn on if you can.

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